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You can help to protect Linley Valley…..

Gather signed petitions and send them to us…..Here’s how:


Help us to get the message out that people care about protecting the valuable ecosystems of Linley Valley West, by collecting signatures from others who share your concern and sending completed petition forms to us.

1. Download and print copies of the petition— there are two different versions, one for Nanaimo citizens/voters/taxpayers, and one for people who value protection of ecologically significant lands but do not live in Nanaimo.

2. Collect signatures with full names and addresses (10 names per page).

3. Send us the signed petitions. When you have completed five or more pages, email Edna, and she will arrange to pick up the signed petitions. (If you are out of town, Edna will give you a postal address to mail the petitions.

You may wonder:

• Why are there two versions of the petition:

The two versions make it possible to show clearly who is supporting Linley West.

The Nanaimo residents’ version of the petition will tell city decision makers that residents/taxpayers/voters want Linley Valley West protected.

The non-residents of Nanaimo version of the petition will tell city decision makers that prospective visitors and people who are interested in the Nanaimo area care about protecting these ecologically significant lands within Nanaimo.

• Why have printed and signed petitions?

Yes, we know print is old technology, but providing original signed petitions is the  only valid way of indicating support for Linley West to the city government. If you want to bolster your message, you can also send emails to city council, whose names and email addresses are posted on

Please download the form and use the appropriate version when you are collecting petitions.

Many thanks for helping us protect Linley Valley West….we’ll keep you posted on the petition campaign!

Instructions: Either copy and paste the petition below or download this pdf file:


If you are a non resident of Nanaimo, you can still help out by downloading this petition, getting your friends to sign it and then contact when it is filled in or even if it’s just your signature!


Petition for Nanaimo Residents

Nanaimo citizens: Join the petition to Save Linley Valley West
Linley Valley West (between Rutherford Road and Cottle Lake Park) has more than 200 acres of wetland, woodland and cliffs. More residential development in Linley Valley West will threaten the environmental benefits it now provides— urban green space, continuous habitat for mammals and at-risk species of birds, frogs and fish, and vegetation that absorbs greenhouse gases.
We, the undersigned, ask Nanaimo City Council to protect these lands by:
• designating unprotected areas identified in the map as protected environmentally sensitive nature park;
• requiring public input on any development proposals for unprotected areas and adjacent lands in Linley Valley.

Map of Linley Valley

NAME Street Address Signature

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